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About us

Shenzhen Javoda Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2014 with a registered capital of 5 million, is a professional service company integrating R & D, design, customization, production and sales. Our company is committed to consumer wireless electronic products for the product field, mainly engaged in the production of push Bao, pusher, wireless with screen device, micro projection, home digital peripheral products. Since its establishment, sales have been guided by the market, with "reasonable price", "high-quality products", "punctual delivery time" and "good reputation service" as the basic principles, which are mainly sold in overseas countries.

Our company not only produces and sells itself, but also cooperates with dozens of well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The company takes "professional R & D as the core value," adheres to the tenet of "quality first, high quality service, and abides by the contract". Relying on high-quality products, good reputation and high-quality service, most customers are overseas customers.



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